Hi I'm Isaac, Most people know me as Colormyflaws on IG. I am a Black fat artist  illustrator, and author that creates art about marginalized bodies.

All of this started back in 2016 during a difficult time in my families lives. I was sick and homeless with a wife and a new born. I was lost and hated myself and the changes my body was going through. I began wanting to be more positive about my own body and wanted to get back into art, a talent I had long forgot I had. I started taking photos with the help of my amazing best friend and love of my life. We took nudes of ourselves and others, and it just clicked. All bodies in every different shape, shade and ability where beautiful. This started the Body Positive Adult Coloring Book ColorMyFlaws. From that I branched to a bilingual children's book that I co-authored with my wife "Sometimes this, Sometimes that". In all of these works I create the common denominator is acceptance of self. I am a walking talking work in progress, and you could say my greatest masterpiece. Thank you for walking with me on this journey and I hope my work helps you to realize your own worth.