Fat In Piece

Fat In Piece: Illustrations By ColorMyFlaws

A collection of fat art by Black fat artist ColorMyFlaws.


Can a fat body be beautiful?

Can a fat body be sexy?

Often fat bodies are viewed as flawed, undesired, and a burden. Society builds this fatphobic narrative that our bodies are a negative and I as an artist just don't agree with that. My body positive art highlights marginalized bodies with a focus on fat ones. I go by the belief that our bodies are just one piece that make up an amazing whole. Each art piece is of an amazing individual that makes this book a whole. I created this collection to show fat bodies through my eyes, as the art they are. My goal is to normalize fat bodies and erase negative stigmas. I am fat, I deal with the bull every day. I’ve dealt with medical mistreatment and workplace bias to the everyday dirty looks.  I just want to be left fat in peace.

Each piece is brought together by thousands of individual geometric shapes.  

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